Saturday, January 08, 2011

My Last Radiotherapy Session!

January 8: Hurray, last day of RT! Today is the day that I've been waiting for since the first time I was diagnosed with cancer and was advised to undergo radiotherapy. Today is the day that I will be "zapped" for the very last time. Today is the day...

I am very sorry for not updating my blog for a very long time. The truth is, after I was admitted, I wasn't feeling very well. Every day is a new challenge for me. I was focusing too much on my pain. Even now, the ulcers are still painful. I just pray that everything will improve in future. When? Only God knows... Anyway, these are my pictures taken on the last day. If you'd notice, my neck is a bad case of sunburn. My ulcers? Don't mention it. It's just too painful to describe.

Front view - Last day RT
Back view - Last day RT
Right view - Last day RT
Left view - Last day RT
View from below - Last day RT
Ulcer: View from top - Last day RT
Ulcer: View from below - Last day RT
Ulcer: View from right - Last day RT

I went to my last RT session with Mom, Dad, Sara, Amir, Hafez and Azmir. It felt like a carnival! I was never accompanied by so many people. I celebrated by giving out cupcakes to the radiotherapist, Dr Kamal and the Cancer Centre' staff. The next checkup will be next Thursday so I need to rest and hopefully my ulcers will be better by then. I have lost 7kg from Week One. Seems like radiotherapy is a good slimming programme.

The yummy cupcakes that we gave away. But the month was supposed to be January instead of December :)

Before my RT session:

After my RT session:

Amir and Azmir goofing around in my mask.

Throughout my seven weeks of treatment, I never went to radiotherapy alone. My sister, Aida Maisarah was my constant companion (though she was working during her semester break, she tried to accompany me every day). Besides her, Mom would come on days when I have chemotherapy or doctor's appointment. And of course Azmir, who never failed to come back to KL every weekend (as he is working in Johor) and would accompany me whenever he's back (and if I have RT session). Meh Mustaffa, my best friend from high school also came along once during the first week of my RT and was given a tour of the RT room.

The RT sessions last only a few minutes or so. But there were always extra minutes in the waiting area to mingle around with the other cancer patients. I made many friends in the SDMC Cancer and Radiosurgery Centre (though I didn't really knew their names, sorry!). Some were in worse shape than I was. We encouraged and prayed for each other. There was no racial barrier, no religious divide, no class distinction among the patients; all of us were comrades-in arm, battling the same enemy - CANCER!

How do I feel? There is a sense of relief, yet restraint in my joy because with cancer, there are no guarantees. Throughout this journey, I believe God was with me all the time. He was such a wonderful Friend. Every day I pray that God will see me through this and that I would emerge stronger.